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Wise Knowledge Inc. (WKI)

WKI is an Indianapolis based non-profit organization providing support to teachers, parent students and families.  WKI provides enhancing and empowering educational services, with community support for education, in schools, through tutoring and mentoring; special afterschool programs, like Kickback/stop the bullying and violence and small community building programs for families during the summer.  In these programs the students and parents work in their own communities to make them beautiful and safe to live in.   Our focus is on the teachers, parents and students in the inner-city schools in Indianapolis.  


Mentoring is an awsome tool that can reap positive outcomes within both mentors and mentees. Despite its positive effects and broad appeal, many students lack the mentoring that is needed to enhance their education. We plan to use mentoring as a tool to empower sudents who need it most.



Empower is a popular term representing actions that help strengthen one's, will, confidence, and self-sufficiency abilities. It can be said that all of us need to be empowered at some point in our lives. Our objective is to provide services that help to empower students who need more strength to overcome difficult obstacles.

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Wise Knowledge Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are tax deductible.

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THINGS YOU CAN DO                                  


Make time to be active in the education movement:

  • Meet with your school principals and ask about their education problems and solutions

  • Voice your concerns to legislators

  • Actively engage with your school board

  • Be active in your child or grandchild's education by visiting school often

  • Organize parent committees that meet to share, encourage and support each other

  • Organize student communities that meet and support each other and study together

  • Support positive advocacy organizations that speak out for the needs of low-income students and public schools with large low-income populations

  • Create reward systems to encourage neighborhood students to succeed  


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