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Our services

WKI offers consulting, expertise and resources for:


  • Community education

  • Family education

  • Organizing parent committees

  • Organizing student achievement communities

  • Classroom etiquette

  • Developing study habits

  • Strengthening student behavior

  • Wellness

  • High school and college readiness

  • Test preparation

  • Parent-strengthening

  • Neighborhood pride initiatives

  • Social services information

  • Community-led task forces

  • Academic support programs

  • Social work initiatives

  • Mentoring

  • Tutoring

  • Home-visit initatives

  • On-the-job experiential learning


We implement, consult, and colaborate to handle larger initiatives.

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Wise Knowledge Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are tax deductible.

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THINGS YOU CAN DO                                  

  • Sponsor school activities so they can serve more students and families

  • Insist that low-income students have a voice in planning school activities

  • Network with schools and businesses and encourage them to offer experiential learning opportunities for low-income students

  • Include low-income parents in planning and implementing school activities


"How does indoctrination like this help children who struggle to master phonics and the multiplication tables? How does the notion that black children are 'emotional' and prone to 'rolling of the eyes,' while white children are 'intellectual' and good at 'quantitative thinking,' support minority children in ways that will reduce the learning gap?

The tragedy is that schools that embrace such ideological nonsense are harming the very students who most need our help."


Katherine Kersten

Running the wrong way on learning gap

Star Tribune

Center of the American Experiment

March 11, 2012



"The first step to closing that gap is to believe, as I do, that high expectations are for all students. I believe intelligence is equally distributed throughout the world, but opportunity is not. And the same is true within our own country."


President William J. Clinton

Bill Clinton: Remarks at the White House Strategy Session on Improving Hispanic Student Achievement

The American Presidency Project, June 15, 2000

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